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New York Renters Insurance Coverage

Renters Insurance in New York

You should have a renters' insurance policy whenever you rent your home. These days, most landlords have a requirement for renters' insurance built into the lease. Even if your landlord doesn't, going without renters' insurance is never a good idea. It is generally low-cost and provides many different types of coverage. Call Worthington Carroll Agency in Port Jervis, NY to get your renters' insurance if you rent in New York.

Coverage for Your Belongings

One of the most important types of coverage that renters' insurance provides is coverage for all of your possessions inside your rental. If a serious incident happens to ruin or destroy your possessions, the policy could pay to get them replaced. It's essential to have this coverage when considering how much it would cost to lose all your possessions. It would be difficult for most people to be able to replace everything without insurance, if not impossible. The types of incidents it covers you for will be listed in the policy. Still, it generally covers certain disasters, accidents, and other dangers that can significantly affect your life and belongings.

Coverage for Liability

Another way you are vulnerable without renters insurance is that you're liable for all of the accidents in your rental. When someone outside your household comes over and has an accident in your home, you would have to pay for all their resulting bills without renters' insurance. With this coverage, the policy pays for medical bills and lost wages. This is a coverage type that many people don't think about until they need it, but it's a valuable coverage to have.

Get Renters' Insurance

If you're ready to rent a property in New York, you need to get your renters' insurance lined up to start as soon as you sign your lease. Call Worthington Carroll Agency in Port Jervis, NY when you need this vital coverage.

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  • National General Insurance company
  • New York Central Mutual
  • The Hartford
  • Travelers Insurance co.

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